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Healthy Meal

We all want our children to feel good about themselves. To thrive both physically and mentally. How your child eats today will have an effect on their health, both now and in the future.

Here are Some important nutrients that we serve for our children:

  • Calcium strengthens bones.
    Found in milk, yoghurt and seeds
  • Carbohydrates provide energy.
    Found in whole grain bread, potatoes and apples.
  • Iron makes healthy blood.
    Found in legumes, lamb, and spinach.
  • Essential fats help the body absorb other vitamins.
    Found in avocados
  • Fiber which has many health benefits.
    Found in fruits

  • * In our school, we do not serve pork and nuts


We are committed to provide an exceptional early childhood care and education in a safe, stimulating and loving environment that develops capable, confident and smart children to their full potential.


To become the first choice in quality and innovations of early childhood programs in our community.


We promote these values as they most describe us Patience, kindness, Loyalty and Creativity

Our Expertise

We play.

This makes us different from others. We engage children in their very most reasonable language form. This helps us to see the world in the child’s holistic view and engage their curiosity, creativity and participation along the way.

Our Solution

We make happier, healthier and bright children and communities.

We understand that children enter schools with a wide variety of backgrounds at different stages of development. In order to meet the diverse individual needs of our children, a developmentally appropriate, activity based curriculum has been planned.